| RAD Ballet

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is the world’s largest examining and teaching organization for classical ballet. It has over 15,000 members in 82 countries!

There are two main sections to the RAD syllabus – Graded and Vocational Graded. Both are available to boys and girls starting at age 6. After successful completion of an examination, students receive an international certificate bearing their name and level of attainment.

Students wanting to take examinations are required to register for at least two ballet classes per week from the beginning of the season. It is at the discretion of the teacher whether or not a student will be ready to take an exam in the spring.


There are nine grades in this stream – Primary –Grade 8 Award. Each grade is composed of three elements; Classical Ballet, Free Movement and Character Work. This is so that each student becomes well rounded in all facets of Ballet and dance.

The RAD exam entry fees range in price depending on the exam taken. Exams vary in time from as short as 15 minutes up to 60 minutes.

Extra rehearsals and classes will need to be added closer to exam time to ensure that all students are fully pre-pared for a successful and fun examination.


The vocational graded system is a full training regime that is geared towards the more serious dancer who wishes for a possible career in dance performance and teaching.

There are six levels: Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1, Advanced 2 and Solo Seal – The academy’s highest achievement!


Ballet is a fun, exciting, enjoyable and beautifully artistic dance form. It is however quite physically demanding. It requires much patience, coordination, passion, self-dicipline and above all an intense understanding of proper technique.  RAD teachers are specially trained to incorporate all these elements into their classes to ensure that each child develops not only great technique, but also a love and passion for dance.

RAD teachers utilize carefully structured Academy syllabi, which is both fun and safe. They have the training and qualifications necessary to teach dance to young children and students. RAD teachers continue training throughout their careers to ensure they are abreast of changes and have updated their skills and knowledge.

All qualified RAD teachers must graduate from one of the RAD’s comprehensive teacher training programs in order to be included in their Register of Teachers. They monitor their teachers each step of the of the way, throughout their training and after they become registered, to ensure teaching standards are maintained.