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Competitive Company

Train at a competitive level while developing technique and performance training at a high level. Our competitive program allows your child to gain the self-discipline, confidence and teamwork abilities while expressing their personal style and passion for dance!  The Program is an overall commitment to the art of performing. The competition aspect is extremely rewarding offering a great learning opportunity in a positive and supportive environment.

Our competitive program has 2 tiers in order to suit your family needs & lifestyle.




In our full-time competitive program, students will train in select disciplines and mandatory technique classes a minimum 6 hours or more per week.




In our part-time competitive program, students will train in select disciplines and technique classes for a minimum of 2 hours up to a maximum of 6 hours per week.

Both tiers will compete at 3 competitions per season and these will be a mix of local & away locations.  In order to be a part of our competitive program, you must commit to attending all 3 competitions as well as attend all preparatory classes.


At Dancercise we train & compete in the following disciplines: tap, hip hop, jazz, ballet, acro,  lyrical,  contemporary and musical theatre. In addition this program is open to dancers age 5 thru to adults! As long as you have a love for dance, we will have a program for you!


Recreational Company

Designed to introduce your child to the basics of dance, our recreational programs allow students to develop a love for dance at any age. Dance provides an outlet for children to be creative, physical and musical and we provide a fun, nurturing, family-oriented environment that instills creativity, confidence, coordination, and poise regardless of age or ability!



At Dancercise we believe It’s never too early to learn how to dance. That’s why we offer two fun and educational classes focused on music and movement for young dancers aged 2-3 years old. Students learn basic skills and musicality while developing their confidence, cooperation, creative expression, and listening skills.


Designed to introduce the foundations of dance, our preschool ballet class introduces basic ballet terminology and movements to develop your child’s gross motor skills, including hopping, skipping, and galloping. Our teachers provide a fun & nurturing environment leaving little one feeling like the prince or princess you know they are!


Have a little one at home who just can’t sit still when the music starts playing? It might be time to enroll them in this program. In our high-energy creative class, students develop their motor skills and learn terminology and movements focused on building strength and flexibility, taught by fun-loving & nurturing instructors this could be the start of a journey of a lifetime in the art of dance!


All dancers in our pre-school ballet and creative dance programs must be ready to take classes independently.


Ballet Company

Ballet is the foundation and core of all dance forms. At Dancercise we follow the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Syllabus. This classical discipline emphasizes body placement and posture to improve strength, control and balance. We offer ballet classes to our students from a young age of 3 as the technique gained through ballet is necessary to excel in other dance forms.


There are two main sections to the RAD syllabus – Graded and Vocational Graded. At Dancercise we offer both syllabus. After successful completion of an examination, students receive an international certificate bearing their name and level of attainment.


There are nine grades in this stream – Primary –Grade 8 Award. Each grade is composed of three elements; Classical Ballet, Free Movement and Character Work. This is so that each student becomes well rounded in all facets of Ballet and dance. Graded ballet is available to boys and girls starting at age 6.


The vocational graded system is a full training regime that is geared towards the more serious dancer who wishes for a possible career in dance performance and teaching.  There are six levels: Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1, Advanced 2 and Solo Seal – The academy’s highest achievement!

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